A very Pointer idea

Earlier this year we had a brain wave  - what if dogs could pick and mix their treats?

If you haven't already noticed, we like to stand out from the crowd (we like purple), but without compromising our high standards for quality and taste.

Our baked treats are perfect for helping to maintain dental hygiene, and many are used as training treats. But we are determined to ensure that treats also mean choice and variety. We have been making biscuits for over 50 years and while we've come to meet a lot of dogs there is one really important factor we must not lose sight of - dogs, just like us, deserve a selection.

Hand-pick your dog's favourites...

Our Pointer biscuits and treats come in all different shapes and sizes, textures and flavours. While you can buy them in bags and boxes from our website or your local pet shop, we thought we could go one step further... pick and mix for dogs!

Find our pick and mix in your local pet shop

Now you can personally choose which flavours and shapes your dog would like, using our special Pointer pick and mix stand. Simply pick your dog's favourites and scoop into our re-usable Pointer cups. Take to the counter and they will weigh it for you - it's as simple as that!

If you cannot see Pointer biscuits and treats in your local pet shop, drop us a line and we'll find your local stockist for you.