Albert the Foxhound - a true Yorkshire man

One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs at Pointer, aside from making lots of tasty and delicious treats, is meeting new friends. We are lucky enough to meet dogs at shows face to face as well as through the post (we get very excited about receiving your photos!) and 'virtually' through the powers of social media.

This month we wanted you to all meet Albert the Foxhound. Albert is a man after our own hearts; he resides in beautiful Yorkshire, an area we are most familiar with as this is where Pointer biscuits was born (we now live in the not so hilly Lincolnshire Wolds!). Albert was adopted by his family from the Dogs Trust and is now a full time model (we think we were lucky to steal a few minutes of his time!).

A little bird told us that Albert was a fan of our Pointer biscuits, so we thought we'd say hello. We met on Instagram and it was love at first sight. Albert was telling all his fellow companions all about his discovery of Pointer and was very pleased that his mum was happy to seek out new treats from the range...!

Our 15 minutes of fame

Thank you for your time Albert, we know you are busy with work but are so excited you could talk to us.

First things first, we have to ask - what's your favourite Pointer treat?

It definitely has to be your One-A-Day Biscuits as they're the perfect baked treat to have after a meal, especially as they help to keep my teeth nice and clean to, which I think is very important for dogs.

What do you like the most about our Pointer range of biscuits?

Pointer offers such a wide variety of treats that are perfect for any occasion. For example, the smaller biscuit treats you make are great for taking on walks and for rewarding good behaviour (of course, I am always well behaved) whilst out and about in beautiful North Yorkshire. Your Pointer hot dog sausages (FYI, you might want to work on clarifying the 'dog' reference can be a little alarming to some of my peers who don't quite 'get' it...!!) are the perfect treat as an extra reward or weekend treat.

Where's your favourite place to buy your Pointer treats from Albert?

We always get them from our local pet shop (J&H Meynell, Richmond, North Yorkshire) as they provide such a wide selection of your treats, from the tasty Big Bite Bones, to a wide selection of the smaller dog biscuits you make.

What do you think about the purple packaging then Albert?

I absolutely love the purple! I instantly recognise it as a Pointer product and will want to take a closer look to see what treat it is and whether I have tried it yet or not.

Ok, final question and apologies for it being a little silly, but as you're a connoisseur of Pointer biscuits and treats, we are intrigued...If you were transported (safely) to a deserted island and could only pack one treat, what would it be?

Well that's an easy one. Definitely a tasty Pointer Chicken Big Bite Bone as they're such a delicious treat!

Thank you Albert. To follow Albert's busy life of adventure, find him on Instagram @albertthefoxhound