For the love of biscuits...

When it comes to dogs, we think we've got them pretty well worked out. Life is full of aromas, sights and sounds that promise interesting side-tracks and busy adventures. So when it comes to treats, why settle for the everyday?

We say, why not just live a little?

With 50 years of baking expertise behind us and all our biscuits specially packed in a very bright purple colour that you cannot fail to miss, our special Pointer brand of dog biscuits is renowned for delivering big on flavours and texture. We know that our dogs desire excitement and new sensory challenges - and we firmly believe that life really is for living.

Setting a baking challenge...

That's why earlier this year our team of biscuiteers (we do make other treats - you'll have seen the soft training treats and hot dogs, but biscuits is where our brand was born) set themselves a new challenge - to make Pointer's first ever peanut flavoured biscuit. Not only did the biscuit need to be mouth-wateringly tasty, the team wanted to ensure the biscuit was free of wheat gluten and in a completely new shape. No mean feat when you don't have any wheat gluten to work with!


After months of baking trials and a few 'interesting' attempts (making a paw shape is more tricky than we first thought), our Pointer team succeeded - our new peanut butter flavoured paws were born (and then very quickly wrapped in that bright purple packaging).

Wheat free dog treats

Made with oats and packed with peanut butter flavour, we think our Pointer peanut butter dog treats are really something special, and we hope your dog agrees!