why is your dog itching?

Why is your dog itching? Seeing your dog itch uncontrollably can be hard to witness, nobody wants to think their furry friend is uncomfortable.

Its easy to think it must be their diet and changing their food maybe the only way to help. But did you know that food only accounts for around 10% of allergies in dogs and that actually environmental allergies such as pollen or dust mites or even flea allergies are a far more common cause of itching in dogs.

If you are concerned your pup’s skin is very sore and itchy due to allergies, please give your vet a call for advice.

Why is my dog itching? – Symptoms of itchy skin

There are some symptoms that you can look out for too. Here are some things to look our for when trying to answer the question, why is your dog itching. According to the PRSA:

Scratching is unusual if it happens regularly (more than 4-5 times day), and if it causes other symptoms such as:

Alopecia (bald patches)


Self-inflicted wounds

A rash/red skin

Saliva staining (lick stained fur)

Dark, thickened skin

Beware, some dogs scratch and lick in private – keep an eye out for secretive scratching!

dog with vet - why is your dog itching


Why is your dog itching – tips for those dogs with sensitive skin:

Try to keep your dog’s environment calm, anxiety can cause flare ups.

Try to keep long periods of alone time for your four-legged friend to a minimum (we know this isn’t always easy).

Brush your dog’s coat regularly.

Feed the best food you can for your dog, this includes treats too! Did you know that our peanut butter paws are the perfect wheat free treat to feed alongside your food.

Regularly treat for fleas and worms.

Clean and vacuum your dog’s environment regularly.

Use a good quality shampoo for dogs – ones containing oats, coconut, essential oils and glycerine can help to calm angry skin.


If you have any concerns at all, always contact your pups veterinary clinic for more guidance.

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