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#NationalFishAndChipsDay – Our Dog-Friendly Alternatives

Fish and chips are a British staple enjoyed by many households on a Friday night. But why should humans get to have all the fun? To celebrate ‘National Fish and Chips Day’ in June, our Pointer product experts have put together a delicious dog-friendly fish and chips recipe for you to enjoy with your furry friend at home.

Can Dogs Eat Fish and Chips?

No, dogs can’t eat the same fish and chips that we do (think: battered cod and chips served with lashings of salt and vinegar). Not only would the high fat, carbohydrates and salt levels disagree with your pooch, but also this classic takeaway contains none of the nutrients your pup needs to stay healthy. Worry not, however, you can avoid the puppy dog eyes of your loitering friend by instead cooking up a dog-friendly fish and chips alternative for them to eat alongside your takeaway treat.

Our Dog-Friendly Fish and Chips Recipes

Your local chippy will likely serve lots of dishes that your dogs would probably love to get their teeth into – but unfortunately, what you pick up at the takeaway can’t be fed to your pups! Try these ideas below instead.

Dog-Friendly Fish and Chips

According to PetMD, some of the safe fish for dogs include whitefish, salmon, cod, and tuna. For the purpose of this recipe and keeping it as close to your own Friday-night takeaway as possible, we’d suggest dishing up cod for your pooch.

national fish and chips day

Another core element of the classic fish supper is mushy peas. However, they’re not the best food for your dog as canned products can be high in sodium. Instead, you could add fresh or frozen peas to their dinner bowl as a healthy alternative.

And as for your staple chippy chips, these definitely aren’t safe for dogs! Potatoes, on the other hand, are okay when eaten in moderation. You can cut a small potato into a chip shape, and so long as they are baked instead of fried and not seasoned in any way – your pooch can safely enjoy them in their dog-friendly fish and chips meal.

dog-friendly fish and chips

What goes in the bowl?

– ½ a cod fillet
– A generous handful of peas
– One small potato, cut into chip shapes if you’d like
– Some of their usual nutritional wet or dry food

Dog-Friendly Sausage & Chips

A far more luring chip shop treat for doggies is the juicy sausage! Unfortunately, experts suggest they are probably not the best to feed your pup – despite those irresistible longing eyes! In moderation, a small, cooked sausage that isn’t seasoned is likely fine to feed to your pooch. However, we’d suggest serving them a certified dog-friendly treat instead. Our grain free hot dogs are gluten and dairy free, and are made of human-grade quality meat.

dog friendly sausage and chips


What goes in the bowl?

– One of our grain free hot dogs
– One small potato
– Some of their usual nutritional wet or dry food


Fishy Dog Treats

Or, if you’d like to treat your dog to a taste of your fish supper without deviating from their regular diet, why not indulge them with a few of our salmon dog treats? Ideal as a small before or after dinner snack, they have no added artificial preservatives or flavours, but are enhanced with extra calcium.

Let us know how you’re celebrating National Fish and Chips Day at home, and if you try any of our recipes! We’d love to hear from you on Instagram or Facebook. For more pet advice from our Pointer experts, visit our blog.

It’s important to note that you should check with your vet before feeding your pooch anything that they’re not familiar with. Dogs with special dietary needs, such as diabetes, should refrain from eating anything outside of what has been recommended to you by a professional.

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