dog friendly roast dinner

How to make a dog friendly roast dinner

A roast dinner is a staple in many homes around the UK, especially around certain holidays or celebrations. During the preparation and cooking it is very likely you’ll have your furry friend looking up at you with pleading eyes, begging to sample what you are making. But is it okay to share your roast dinner with your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Roast Dinners?

The answer is no. Many of the ingredients that go into our favourite Sunday dinner can be toxic to dogs, and those that aren’t have a very high calorie count.

So, what can you give them instead?


dog friendly roast dinner

How To Make A Dog Friendly Roast Dinner

Dog-Suitable Meats

For a classic chicken dinner, dogs can eat a small amount of boiled chicken. However, for this dog friendly roast dinner, it is important to avoid garlic or salt in the seasonings, as these can make our pups very poorly. You could also consider replacing the meat with chicken sticks, or if your family is more partial to a nice leg of lamb, this can be replaced with lamb sticks. There are also alternatives for beef, such as a big bite beef biscuit.

Dog-Suitable Vegetables

When it comes to the vegetable portion of our dinners, the good news is our pets can get involved. While we suggest avoiding the puppy dog eyes while peeling and chopping vegetables, a piece of raw carrot or two makes a nice crunchy treat. Want them to wait to eat with everyone else? Then you are best to serve up peas as these can be given to dogs either frozen or steamed.

Dog-Suitable Potatoes

Now on to the best bits! There are many debates on what makes a perfect potato, but when it comes to our pets, the answer is actually a baked potato. Raw potatoes contain a toxin called solanine, which can upset their tummies, and cooking in oil can add a large amount of calories that our pooches don’t need in their diet. So, while it may not be an exact match, your furry friend will thank you for it.

Dog-Suitable Gravy

While some of us prefer to drown our plate in gravy, for dogs it’s actually a lot safer not to do this because the gravy us humans eat contains high levels of salt.

Instead, for your dog friendly roast dinner, you can give them chicken flavoured gravy bones or beef flavoured which have all of the taste but none of the harmful ingredients – all it comes down to now is their preference.

And with that, you have a complete dog friendly roast dinner, safe for your four-legged friend! Just make sure to keep an eye on their daily calories to avoid any excess weight gain and any problems later down the line!


dog friendly roast dinner


Let us know if you share a roast dinner with your dog at home! Or if you’ve made a dog friendly raost dinner yourself. We’d love to hear from you on Instagram or Facebook. For more pet advice from our Pointer experts, visit our blog.

It’s important to note that you should check with your vet before feeding your pooch anything that they’re not familiar with. Dogs with special dietary needs, such as diabetes, should refrain from eating anything outside of what has been recommended to you by a professional.

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