take your dog to work day

Take Your Dog To Work Day – How To Make An Office Dog Packed Lunch

The 21st June is ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’, the ideal time to convince your co-workers that a dog-friendly office is the way forward! Make sure your furry friend is on their best behaviour by making them a packed lunch to look forward to, they’re sure to be spent by noon after working hard all morning being super adorable, after all.

take your dog to work day


Does Your Dog Need Lunch?

According to the Dog’s Trust, an adult dog should have two meals a day. So, for your office pup, that may be lunch and dinner. If they’ve walked to the office with you and are gearing up for a lunchtime stroll, they’ll likely have worked up an appetite. So, it’s fine to feed your pooch a packed lunch as you tuck into yours too.

How To Make An Office Dog Packed Lunch

Taking a ‘pick and mix’ approach to your dog’s lunch is sure to engage even the fussiest of eaters, and keep them engaged in their food, rather than distracting your colleagues. We’d recommend creating a balanced lunch for your pup with bite sized treats to ensure they don’t overeat. In your office dog’s lunchbox, we’d suggest including:

  • A cup of their usual dog food, for consistency
  • A few tasty treats; naturally, we recommend Pointer!
  • A small flask of chicken broth, to make your dog’s meal tastier
  • A few slices of apple and some strawberries
  • Plenty of water to refill their water bowls
  • Something to chew on throughout the afternoon, like our grain-free hot dogs


office dog packed lunch

We’ve found that some of our office dogs love bringing their treats and toys in their own pet backpacks, which you can purchase from a lot of online retailers.

Keeping Your Office Dog Entertained

Take Your Dog To Work Day is all about showcasing why your furry friend won’t be a bother in the office, and why this is a much better alternative to leaving them at home. In order to make a good impression on your colleagues, you’ll need to keep your pup entertained.

Alongside feeding them a stellar packed lunch, we’d also recommend bringing a few home comforts that smell familiar, such as their bed or a blanket, so they will settle and rest. We’d also suggest investing in some enrichment toys to bring their attention away from distracting colleagues with their cuteness! Don’t forget as well, a lunchtime walk is essential to allow them to burn off some energy in the middle of the day – plus, it’s good for you to get some fresh air too.

office dog walk

Let us know if you’re taking part in Take Your Dog To Work Day, and what’s going in your pooch’s lunchbox. We’d love to hear from you on Instagram or Facebook. For more pet advice from our Pointer experts, visit our blog.


It’s important to note that you should check with your vet before feeding your pooch anything that they’re not familiar with. Dogs with special dietary needs, such as diabetes, should refrain from eating anything outside of what has been recommended to you by a professional.

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